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Test Date: 1st September 2013

About ICM



Pakistan capital markets face capacity constraints where minimum knowledge standards and lack of certified professionals are amongst the major impediment to developing of investor’s confidence. There existed a strong need for a dedicated institute, to conduct education and training of the market participants and to develop capital market practitioners. 

Institute of Capital Markets (ICM), Pakistan’s first securities market institute, was established

to meet the skill needs of capital markets through creation of a permanent platform to develop

human capital with certified knowledge and undertaking of independent research. The Institute

has been mandated to conduct licensing certification examinations for different segments of the

market and develop skilled professionals who are; i) familiar with international best practices;

ii) sensitized to the need of ethical behaviour and; iii) capable to deal and advise on instruments

that are currently traded and also on new products. ICM is also mandated to provide a forum

for research and development, exchange of ideas and eventually consulting services to financial


The Institute will develop a pool of trained and certified professionals, skilled not only to deal in

conventional instruments but also to develop and trade new and complex capital market products

like options, index futures, and Exchange Traded Funds, and commodity futures.

The Institute has been registered as a ‘Not-for-Profit’ company limited by guarantee with share

capital under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984.




ICM in the first phase has launched the qualifications to cater the knowledge requirements of capital market professionals with direct client interaction including the following courses:

Description: ICM Stock Brokers Certification Programme

Description: ICM Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Programme 

The Institute contemplates launch of the following certification programmes in future: 

Description: ICM Analyst Certification Programme

Description: ICM Compliance Officers Certification Programme

Description: ICM Securities; Clearing & Settlement Operations Programme

Description: ICM Commodities and Futures Exchange Certification Programme  

Description: ICM Independent Financial Advisors Programme 

Description: ICM Islamic Finance Certification Programme  




Additionally, upon successful completion of the relevant certification courses, candidates would be eligible for the following titles as applicable along with Membership of ICM.

Description: Certified Mutual Fund Distributor (CMFD)

Description: Certified Financial Analyst 

Description: Certified Compliance Officer 

Description: Certified Derivatives Trader 

Description: Certified Operations Manager 

In phase two, ICM intends to initiate the launch of specialized short day courses in areas of interest to the capital markets industry for Professional training and skill development. ICM also intends to arrange for international experts to deliver these short courses.





The Institute of Capital Markets is also exploring the possibility for affiliations/ alliances and to enter into mutual recognition agreement with reputed international universities and institutes. ||You are 246583 visitor