Test Date: 10th Feb 2019

Candidate List:


  • Fee per Annum is Rs. 50,000/= (Fifty Thousand) this is to be paid in two equal installments in January and July Every Year @ Rs. 25,000/= each installment. This fee amount is utilized for:
    • Messing Charges.
    • Misc Charges (Hostel, Services, Barber and Laundry)
    • Tuition Fee.
    • Electricity Charges.
    • Text Books and Stationary.
    • Transport Charges.
    • Medical Charges.
    • Sports and Hobbies (Games and Clubs).
    • Bedding Charges.
    • Travelling Charges (from Cadet College Mastung to Quetta and Back if the Cadet travels on College bus only).
    • Individual items of games equipments.

What you need after admission?


List of the following items to be managed by the parents from the uniform dealers at the time of admission.

1. Khaki Shirts. 04-Nos.

2. Khaki Pant. 04-Nos.

3. Beret with Badge (Maroon) 01-No.

4. Epaulets (Wing Colour). 01-Pair.

5. Scarf (College Crest) 01-N

6. Name Plate. 02-Nos.

7. Belt (Nylon) Khaki. 01-No

8. Shoulder Badge 01-No

09. Blazer with badge (Maroon) 01-No

10. Army Jersey 01-No

11. Lanyard (Wing Colour) 01-No

12. Oxford Shoes Ankle (DMS Pattern) 01-Pair

13. CCM (Metallic) 01-Pair

14. Plum 01-No

15. T. Shirt (wing Colour) 01-No

16. Belt Walking out. 01-No.

17. College Necktie. 01-No.

18. Socks (Woolen) 03-Pairs

19. Socks (Cotton) 03-Pairs

20. White Tie-Collar Shirts (Full Sleeves) 03.-Nos

21. Grey Trousers (Tropical) 02-Nos

22. White Vest (Half Sleeves) 02-Nos

23. White Vest (Sleeveless) 03-Nos

24. White Socks 03-Pairs

25. Black socks. 03-Pairs.

26 White Shalwar-Kameez 02-Suits.

27. White Handkerchief. 06-Nos.

28. White Underwear. 03-Nos.

29. Black Oxford Shoes (Service/Bata). 01-Pair.

30. White P.T Shoes/Joggers. 01-Pair.

31. Cap (white for Nammaz). 01-No.

32. Hangers 12-Nos

33. Slippers 01-Pair

34. Towel (Medium) White 02-Pairs

35. Blankets 02-Nos

36. Toilet Soap with case, Tooth paste, Tooth Brush 01-No Each

37. Hair Cream/Oil, Comb etc. 01-No Each

38. Black and white shoes polish/Brushes 01-each

39. Washing Powder 02-Pkts.

40. Dictionaries (Urdu to English & English to Urdu) (Urdu Feroz-ul-Lugath) 01-Each.

41. Trunk (Steel) Black Colour with the name written on in 01-No.

42. Bed Foam (78” x 36” x 4”) 01-No

43. Pillow (Polyester) 01-No

44. Brown Bed Spread (60” x 96”) with Table Cloth (36” x 48”) 01-No

45. White Bed Sheet with Pillow Cover 02-Sets

46. Track Suit (Maroon) 01-No

47. Sweater (SL) 03-Nos

48. Sweater (HN) 03-Nos

49. White Shirts (Walking out) 03-Nos

50. Trousers (Tropical) 03-Nos

51. Satchel 01-No

Note:- The Cadets/Parents can purchase the above mentioned items from any dealer in the open market

conditioned with the requirements of the College.

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