• balochistan Board Application form for correction of Father's Name Download

    You can download the form by clicking here or just save the image below:

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  • Citizen Budget 2017-2018-2019 Pakistan, Balochistan

    THE CITIZENS’ BUDGET 2017-2018


    ACRONYMS BCDP Balochistan Community Development Programme BEEF Balochistan Education Endowment Fund BESP Balochistan Education Sector Plan BHU Basic Health Unit CIDA Canadian International Development Agency CTD Counter Terrorism Department CPEC China Pakistan Economic Corridor CM Chief Minister DHQ District Headquarter EMIS Education Management Information System FY Financial Year FBR Federal Board of Revenue GDP Gross Domestic Product GOB Government of Balochistan GPE Global Partnership for Education GAVI Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunisation GPO Government Post Ofce GPP Governance and Policy Project ICT Information Communication Technology IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency PM Prime Minister RHC Rural Health Centre SDGs Sustainable Development Goals SMC School Management Committee THQ Tehsil Headquarters UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund WB World Bank WHO World Health Organisation

    Geographically, Balochistan is the largest province in Pakistan. Spread over 347,190 Sq. kms with 770 km coastline, it is least populated of the provinces with nearly 10 million people. The province is rich in mineral resources worth billions of dollars. The deep sea port of Gwadar in Balochistan ofers immense possibilities to promote regional trade, particularly with China - the world’s second largest economy. Notwithstanding these comparative advantages, the province is faced with high incidence of poverty, low literacy and mortality rates, slow economic growth, unemployment and instability due to rising militancy. In recognition of all these challenges, the budget for the fscal year 2017-18 refects the Government of Balochistan’s commitment and priorities to bolster its latent resources - paving way for both economic growth and pro-poor development.

    WHAT IS A BUDGET? Budget is the overall fnancial plan of the government, projecting revenues and expenditures for a particular fscal year. It is a tool for translating government’s vision into policies based on areas of priority through annual package of initiatives and programmes. WHAT IS A CITIZENS’ BUDGET? The primary objective of all government spending is to improve the lives of its people. Therefore, it is important for citizens to comprehend how the public expenditure is used to deliver services and programmes that afect their lives. The Citizens’ Budget makes this information available to people in an easy to understand form leading to transparency and accountability in public expenditure.

    QUETTA DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE Prime Minister’s Package Project Name Estimated Cost (Rs. in Mn) 1. Construction of City Expressway on Habib Nallah, Kasi Road / Alamdar Road (200 meter) 4000 2. Nawa Killi Flyover (500 meter) 500 3. Clearing, Aligning & Reconstruction of Sariab Road (10.6Km) 1000 Total 5,500 Chief Minister’s Package Project Name Estimated Cost (Rs. in Mn) 1. Under Pass / Fly over at Gwalmandi Chowk 1000 2. Under Pass / Fly over at GPO Chowk 1000 3. Clearing / Aligning / Extension of Subzal Road 500 4. Clearing / Aligning / Extension of Joint Road 300 5. Fictionalization / Integration of Sewerage System 500 6. Food Street near Rail-way Station 200 7. Construction / Rehabilitation of Roads in Sariab Area 500 Total 4,000


    CPEC Projects in Pakistan and Balochistan

    New Gwadar International Airport Rs. 22,247.5 Mn Facilities of Fresh Water Treatment, Water Supply and Distribution Rs.14061 Mn Quetta Mass Transit System Rs. 2,000 Mn 110 Km Besima Khuzdar Road (N-30) CPEC Rs. 4,454.6 Mn Infrastructure Development for EPZA and GIEDA Rs. 3450 million Transport of Indus Water to Quetta and adjoining districts Rs. 4,000 Mn Access road from Makran Coastal Highway to New Gwadar International Airport Rs. 184.3 Mn Upgrdation of existing 50 Bed Hospital to 300 Beds in Gwadar Rs. 9,968.23 million Pre-feasibility study for the installation of 300 M Coal Fired Power Plant at Gwadar Rs. 20 Mn Eastbay Expressway Gwadar Rs. 11,396 Mn Feasibility studies to connect Gwadar with Karachi and Gwadar to Besima to Jacobabad via Khuzdar Rs. 135 Mn W132 KV sub-stations at Down Town, Gwadar Rs. 961.81 Mn C


  • Cricket Players from Balochsitan? Quetta, Nushki and other regions

    There are so many players which are listed in Pakistan Cricket Board. They are listed Below:

    1   Aamir Khan Juma Khan   Quetta Sibi
    2   Abdul Ali Haji M.Nabi   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    3   Abdul Aziz Shabir Ahmad   Quetta Kalat
    4   Abdul Salam Haji Barkat Ali   Quetta Turbat
    5   Abdul Qadar Muhammad Hassan   Quetta Loralai
    6   Abdul Hakeem Wahid Bux   Quetta Sibi
    7   Abdul Gaffar Muhammad   Quetta Turbat
    8   Abdul Rehman Abdul Bari   Quetta Loralai
    9   Abdul Majeed Talib hussain   Quetta Naseerabad
    10   Abdul Ghani     Quetta  
    11   Abdul Jalil Muhammad Ishaq   Quetta Kalat
    12   Abdul Rehman Abdul Aziz   Quetta Kalat
    13   Abdul Hameed Abdul Rehman   Quetta Loralai
    14   Abdul Hameed Abdullah   Quetta Kalat
    15   Abdul Dayan Abdul hai   Quetta Pinshin
    16   Abdul Hameed M.Aslam   Quetta Turbat
    17   Abdul Gaffar JR Muhammad Bukhas   Quetta Turbat
    18   Abdul Manan H.Abdul Jabar   Quetta Loralai
    19   Abdul Jabbar Faqir Muhammad   Quetta Kalat
    20   Abdul Rauf Abdul Waid   Quetta Nushki
    21   Abdul Wahab Faiz Muhammad   Quetta Loralai
    22   Abdul Jaleel Daulat Khan   Quetta Loralai
    23   Abdul Salam Juma Khan   Quetta Loralai
    24   Abdul Salam Khan Haji Muhammad   Quetta Loralai
    25   Abdul Ahad Abdullah   Quetta Pinshin
    26   Abdul Wahab Abdul Malik   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    27   Abdul Qadeem Haji Sher Mohd   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    28   Abdul Ghaffar Abdul wahab   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    29   Abdul Bari haji Ghulam Ali   Quetta Pinshin
    30   Abdul Wajid Abdul Malik   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    31   Abdul Aziz Muhammad Hamza   Quetta Nushki
    32   Abdul Hameed Abdul Qayyum   Quetta Quetta
    33   Abdul Qadeer Abdul Majeed   Quetta Naseerabad
    34   Abdul Majeed M.Hashim   Quetta Quetta
    35   Abdul Qayyum Noor Muhammad   Quetta Naseerabad
    36   Abdul Rehman Zulfiqar   Quetta Quetta
    37   Abdul Hadi Faiz ull haq   Quetta Quetta
    38   Abdul Saleem Muhammad Hashim   Quetta Quetta
    39   Abdul Jabar Fateh Jan   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    40   Abdul Qadir Muhammad Nawaz   Quetta Sibi
    41   Abdul Qadir Mohammad Nawaz   Quetta Sibi
    42   Abdul Gahni Wakeel Fazal Bari   Quetta Kalat
    43   Abdul Malik Haji Abdul Aziz Khan   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    44   Abdul wahab Mulla Khan   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    45   Abdullah Muhammad Ashraf   Quetta Kalat
    46   Abdullah Mr Muhammad Ashraf   Quetta Kalat
    47   Abdullah Abdul Rasheed   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    48   Abid Abdullah   Quetta Turbat
    49   Abid Ali Bangulzai Daim Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    50   Abid Ali Bangulzai Daim Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    51   Abid Naseer Naseer Ahmad   Quetta Kalat
    52   Abid Ali Ahmed Bakhas   Quetta Naseerabad
    53   Abid Ali Bangulzai Daim Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    54   Aftab-ur-Rehman Abdul Samad   Quetta Kalat
    55   Ahmed Ullah Khan M.Yar Khan   Quetta Loralai
    56   Ahsan ullah Shah Mohammad   Quetta Pinshin
    57   Ajab Gull Mohammad Jan   Quetta Kalat
    58   Akbar Ali Nawab Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    59   Ali Ahmed Ali Hasan   Quetta Naseerabad
    60   Ali Akbar Haji Ali Ahmed   Quetta Nushki
    61   Ali Ahmad Khair Muhammad   Quetta Kalat
    62   Allah Dad Haji Feroz Muhammad   Quetta Sibi
    63   Altaf Hussain Khuda Raheem   Quetta Nushki
    64   Aman ullah Haji Abdul Jabbar   Quetta Loralai
    65   Ameer Bakhsh Kasim Baksh   Quetta Turbat
    66   Ameer Bakhsh Pullan   Quetta Turbat
    67   Ameer Mohd Abdul Sammad   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    68   Amin ullah Haji Abdullah   Quetta Pinshin
    69   Amjad Khan Abdul Wahab   Quetta Kalat
    70   Anayat Ullah Haji Rozi Khan   Quetta Loralai
    71   Arbab Ali Nawab Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    72   Arbab Shakir Arbab Naseer Ali   Quetta Quetta
    73   Arun Lal Dhermu Lal   Quetta Quetta
    74   Asad Ullah Haji Sepahi   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    75   Asadullah Khan Haji Muhammad Khair   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    76   Asfand Yar Peer Mohammad   Quetta Pinshin
    77   Asghar ali Jalal ud din   Quetta Naseerabad
    78   Asghar Ali Wasan Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    79   Asghar Ali Abdul Ghafoor   Quetta Kalat
    80   Asif Khan Abdul Sattar   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    81   Asim Nazir Nazir Ahmed   Quetta Naseerabad
    82   Asim Nazir Nazir Ahmed   Quetta Naseerabad
    83   Ata-ur-Rehman     Quetta  
    84   Atta Ullah Muhammad Ibrahim   Quetta Loralai
    85   Atta Ullah Abdul Rasheed   Quetta Loralai
    86   Atta-u-llah Muhammad Khan   Quetta Kalat
    87   Atta-ur- Rehman Abdul Sattar   Quetta Quetta
    88   Ayesha Fahim Fahim Akhtar Khan   Quetta  
    89   Ayesha Fayyaz Faiyaz Ahmed   Quetta  
    90   Ayoub Basheer Basheer Ahmed   Quetta Turbat
    91   Ayub Bashir Bashir Ahmed   Quetta Turbat
    92   Aziz Ullah Sikandar Ali   Quetta Naseerabad
    93   Aziz Ullah Zulfiqar   Quetta Pinshin
    94   Aziz Ullah Sikander Ali   Quetta Naseerabad
    95   Baba Darvaish Murad Hasil   Quetta Turbat
    96   Baba Darwash Murad Hasil   Quetta Turbat
    97   Babrak Karmal Mohammad Usman   Quetta Sibi
    98   Babu Hassan     Quetta  
    99   Badar Ali Malik Zafar Ali Awan   Quetta Quetta
    100   Balach Khan Muhammad Anwer   Quetta Nushki
    101   Barkat Ali Abdul Latif   Quetta Kalat
    102   Basit Ali Iltaf hussain   Quetta Turbat
    103   Baz Muhammad Haji Syed Muhammad   Quetta Quetta
    104   Bilal Saleem Muhammad Saleem   Quetta Turbat
    105   Bilal Ahmed Swali   Quetta Turbat
    106   Bilal Saleem Muhammad Saleem Azad   Quetta Turbat
    107   Bilal Hussain Muhammad Shukat   Quetta Naseerabad
    108   Bilal ahmad Ali Mohammad   Quetta Pinshin
    109   Bismillah Khan Haji Shah Muhammad   Quetta Nushki
    110   Bismillah M.Bilal   Quetta Nushki
    111   Daroo Khan Abdul Jabbar   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    112   Dawood Shah Naik Mohammad   Quetta Pinshin
    113   Dawood Khan Sher Muhammad   Quetta Loralai
    114   Deen Muhammad faiz Muhammad   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    115   Dilawar Khan Muhammad Nadim Khan   Quetta Quetta
    116   Dilshad Ghani Abdul Mateen   Quetta Pinshin
    117   Din Muhammad Ali Mardan   Quetta Kalat
    118   Din Muhammad Haji Faiz Muhammad   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    119   Dost jan Muhammad Moosa   Quetta Turbat
    120   Ehsan Ali Allah Rakha   Quetta Sibi
    121   Elahi Baksh Shafi Muhammad   Quetta Turbat
    122   Elahi Baksh Pandohi Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    123   Ellahi Bakhus Shafee Muhammad   Quetta Turbat
    124   Fahad Hussain Qurban Ali   Quetta Naseerabad
    125   Faisal Wali Wali Muhammad   Quetta Turbat
    126   Faisal Wali Wali Muhammad   Quetta Turbat
    127   Faiz Ullah Hazrat Umer   Quetta Loralai
    128   Faiz ullah Haji Jum Khan   Quetta Quetta
    129   Fareed Baqi Abdul Baqi   Quetta Sibi
    130   Fareeduddin Agha     Quetta  
    131   Fatah Ali Karim Dad   Quetta Naseerabad
    132   Fazal Ghani Amir Muhammad   Quetta Quetta
    133   Fida Qayyum Abdul Qayyum   Quetta Turbat
    134   Fida Ahmad Noor Ahmad   Quetta Kalat
    135   Gauhar Faiz Faiz Muhammad   Quetta Quetta
    136   Ghulam Sarwar Ghulam Rasool   Quetta Nushki
    137   Ghulam Abbas Muhammad Akbar   Quetta Nushki
    138   Ghulam Irshad Ghulam Sarwer   Quetta Pinshin
    139   Ghulam Nabi Arbab Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    140   Gul Muhammad Amir Muhammad   Quetta Loralai
    141   Gulab Khan Nazar mohammad   Quetta Sibi
    142   Gulistan Ghulam Jan   Quetta Loralai
    143   Habib ullah haji Nida Mohd   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    144   Habib Ahmed M.Ayoub   Quetta Nushki
    145   Habib -ur- Rehman Akhter Muhammad   Quetta Pinshin
    146   Habib Ullah Khan Jaffer Khan   Quetta Quetta
    147   Hafeez Ullah Hazoor Bux   Quetta Sibi
    148   Hafiz Abdul Rasheed Hafiz Ali Muhammad   Quetta Turbat
    149   Hafiz Abdullah Jan Mussa   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    150   Haider Shah Muhammad Shah   Quetta Naseerabad
    151   Hakeem Dad Noor Ahmed   Quetta Nushki
    152   Hamal wahab     Quetta  
    153   Hamayun Nasurllah   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    154   Hameed ullah Atta Mohammad   Quetta Pinshin
    155   Hameed Ullah Zulfiqar   Quetta Pinshin
    156   Hammal M Abdul Wahab   Quetta Turbat
    157   Hammed Ullah Taaj Mir   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    158   Haq Nawaz Ghulam Nabi   Quetta Pinshin
    159   Haroon Shah Saadullah Shah   Quetta Loralai
    160   Hayat liaqut Liaqut Ali   Quetta Turbat
    161   Hazrat Ali Haji Jan Mohd   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    162   Hina Sadiq Muhammad Sadiq   Quetta  
    163   Hussain Bakhah Junior Hazoor Bakhsh   Quetta Naseerabad
    164   Ijaz Ahmed Khair Muhammad   Quetta Nushki
    165   Ijaz Ahmed Abdul Ghafar   Quetta Nushki
    166   Ijaz Hussain Haider Ali   Quetta Quetta
    167   Ikram ullah Abdul Rashid   Quetta Pinshin
    168   Imdad Ali Kalo Khan   Quetta Sibi
    169   Imdad Ahmed Rawal Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    170   Imdad Ahmed Rawat Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    171   Imdad Ali Ali Jan   Quetta Quetta
    172   Imran Khan Rind Nouroz Khan   Quetta Kalat
    173   Imran hamid Seath hamid Ali   Quetta Turbat
    174   Imran Khan Abdul Hameed   Quetta Kalat
    175   Imran Hamid Hamid Ali   Quetta Turbat
    176   Imran Khan Sr M.Umer Lehri   Quetta Naseerabad
    177   Imran Khan Imam Bukhas   Quetta Sibi
    178   Iqra Ibrahim     Quetta  
    179   Irfan ullah Aman ullah   Quetta Pinshin
    180   Irfan Aslam Muhammad Aslam   Quetta Turbat
    181   Irfan Ullah Syed Abdul Rasheed   Quetta Pinshin
    182   Ismaeel Khan Naik Nazar   Quetta Quetta
    183   Israr Ahmed Abdul Malik   Quetta Naseerabad
    184   Jahangir Raza Muhammad   Quetta Quetta
    185   Jahanzaib muhammad Azam   Quetta Loralai
    186   Jahanzaib Khan Haji Muhammad Khan   Quetta Loralai
    187   Jalal-ud -din Jamal ud din   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    188   Jalat Khan M.Hashim   Quetta Quetta
    189   Jamal A nasir Haji Salah Wadin   Quetta Quetta
    190   Jamashade Saood Saood Ahmad   Quetta Kalat
    191   Jameel u Rahman Khan Noor Mohammad Khan   Quetta Sibi
    192   Jamil Ahmed Naik bukht   Quetta Turbat
    193   Jamil-ur- Rehman Abdullah Khan   Quetta Quetta
    194   Jan Muhammad Ameer Hamza   Quetta Nushki
    195   Janhgeer Khan Kadar Baksh   Quetta Sibi
    196   Janzaib M Habib Ullah Habib   Quetta  
    197   Janzaib Habib ullah Habib   Quetta Nushki
    198   Javaid Khan Sher Muhammad   Quetta Loralai
    199   kamran Manzoor Manzoor Hussain Naeem   Quetta Sibi
    200   Kashif Sattar M.Azam   Quetta Quetta
    201   Khada Dad Naeem Muhammad Naeem   Quetta Turbat
    202   Khalid Mehmood Siraj Ahmad   Quetta Kalat
    203   Khalil Ahmed Aman ullah   Quetta Naseerabad
    204   Khalil Ahmed Aman ullah   Quetta Naseerabad
    205   Khalil Ahmed Neyal Khan   Quetta Nushki
    206   Khalil Ahmad Muhammad Hassan   Quetta Kalat
    207   Khalil Ahmed Muhammad Ramzan   Quetta Nushki
    208   Khuda Dad Naeem Muhammad Naeem   Quetta Turbat
    209   Khuda-e-Noor Rasool Bux   Quetta Nushki
    210   Kianat Tariq     Quetta  
    211   Laiqat Ali Khaliq Dad   Quetta Loralai
    212   M. Amir Maki Ram   Quetta Sibi
    213   M. Yaseen Ghulam Hyder   Quetta Turbat
    214   M. Guhram M.Essa   Quetta Turbat
    215   M. Hamil Abdul Wahib   Quetta Turbat
    216   M. Aurangzaib Moula Dad   Quetta Quetta
    217   M. Bismillah Sultan Muhammad   Quetta Quetta
    218   M. Abdullah Bari Dad   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    219   Mahraj Naeem Muhammad Naeem   Quetta Turbat
    220   Majeed Ahmed Nehal Khan   Quetta Nushki
    221   Manzoor Ahmed Abdul Raheem   Quetta Nushki
    222   Manzoor husain Mohammad yar kosar   Quetta Pinshin
    223   Manzoor Ahmed Haji M.Jan   Quetta Pinshin
    224   Maqbool Ahmed Mir Sir Buland Khan   Quetta Sibi
    225   Maqbool Ahmad Naseer Ahmad   Quetta Kalat
    226   Maqbool Ahmed Basham Khan   Quetta Nushki
    227   Maqsood Ahmed Syed Muhammad   Quetta Turbat
    228   Masood Malik Abdul Malik   Quetta Quetta
    229   Mati Ullah Haji Habib ullah   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    230   Meer Waise Raz Muhammad   Quetta Pinshin
    231   Meer Waiz Khan Muhammad Arif   Quetta Quetta
    232   Mehboob Ali Fiaz Muhammad   Quetta Nushki
    233   Meraj Naeem Muhammad Naeem   Quetta Turbat
    234   Mir zahid H.Abdul Majeed   Quetta Loralai
    235   Mir Ahmad Muhammad Baksh   Quetta Kalat
    236   Mir Ahmad Abdul Qadir   Quetta Kalat
    237   Mohammad Ashraf Ahmad Jan   Quetta Pinshin
    238   Mohammad Nabi Abdul Bari   Quetta Pinshin
    239   Mohammad Adil Guhlam Yaseen   Quetta Pinshin
    240   Mohammad Asif Badini Zahid Khan   Quetta Nushki
    241   Mohammad Sadiq Farooq   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    242   Mohammad Waseem Hayeat Mohammad Hayat   Quetta Sibi
    243   Mohammad Iqbal Shahzad   Quetta Sibi
    244   Mohammad Hanif Hazoor Baksh   Quetta Sibi
    245   Mohammad Shahziab Zafar Iqbal   Quetta Sibi
    246   Mohammad Yousuf Mir Bch Khan   Quetta Sibi
    247   Mohammad Junied Karim Basksh   Quetta Sibi
    248   Mohammad Ayaz Mohammad Khan   Quetta Sibi
    249   Mohammad Asif Ghulam Ali   Quetta Sibi
    250   Mohammad Badar Abdul Razzaque Bhatti   Quetta Sibi
    251   Mohammad Junaid Karim Bux   Quetta Sibi
    252   Mohd Idrees Attah Mohd   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    253   Mohd Ishaq Mohd Qaseem   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    254   Mohd Omer Haji Abdul Bari   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    255   Mohib Ullah Abdullah   Quetta Pinshin
    256   Mola Dadd Abdul Rehman   Quetta Kalat
    257   Mudasir Shah Syed Abdul Wahid Shah   Quetta Nushki
    258   Muhammad Azeem Haji M.Tahir   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    259   Muhammad Iqbal Khaliq Dad   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    260   Muhammad Younis M.Yousaf   Quetta Loralai
    261   Muhammad Waris Rafiq Ahmed   Quetta Turbat
    262   Muhammad Din Shehzad Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    263   Muhammad Ismail Muhammad Akbar   Quetta Naseerabad
    264   Muhammad Ishaq Muhammad Akbar   Quetta Loralai
    265   Muhammad Hayat Abdul Rahim   Quetta Kalat
    266   Muhammad Arif Abdul Rahim   Quetta Kalat
    267   Muhammad Umair     Quetta  
    268   Muhammad Tahir Abdul Rehman   Quetta Kalat
    269   Muhammad Din Shahdad Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    270   Muhammad Faran Ali Ahmad   Quetta Kalat
    271   Muhammad Asif Abdul Wahab   Quetta Naseerabad
    272   Muhammad Lal Molad Khan   Quetta Loralai
    273   Muhammad Naseem Ghulam Sarwar   Quetta Nushki
    274   Muhammad Aslam Shams-ul-Haq   Quetta Kalat
    275   Muhammad Yaqoob Badin   Quetta Nushki
    276   Muhammad Hassan Abdul Samad   Quetta Turbat
    277   Muhammad Asif Taj Muhammad   Quetta Nushki
    278   Muhammad Sadiq Abdul Majeed   Quetta Nushki
    279   Muhammad Iqbal haji Allah Bakhas   Quetta Nushki
    280   Muhammad akram Khair Muhammad   Quetta Kalat
    281   Muhammad Afzal Abdul Rasheed   Quetta Loralai
    282   Muhammad Akram Thair Khan   Quetta Nushki
    283   Muhammad yasir muhammad Akhtar   Quetta Loralai
    284   Muhammad Ramzan Abdul Latif   Quetta Loralai
    285   Muhammad Iqbal     Quetta Loralai
    286   Muhammad Amin Muhammad Zalum   Quetta Loralai
    287   Muhammad Jahanzaib Abdul Rasheed   Quetta Loralai
    288   Muhammad Ilyas M.Ayoub   Quetta Pinshin
    289   Muhammad Hassan Ghulam Nabi   Quetta Nushki
    290   Muhammad Imran Muhammad Shareef   Quetta Nushki
    291   Muhammad Ishfaq Ghulam Sarwar   Quetta Nushki
    292   Muhammad Idress Pir Buksh   Quetta Nushki
    293   Muhammad Din Shedad Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    294   Muhammad Irfan M.Ismaeel   Quetta Quetta
    295   Muhammad Umar Muhammad Qasim   Quetta Quetta
    296   Muhammad Rahim Haji Noor Muhammad   Quetta Quetta
    297   Muhammad Ibrahm Abdullah   Quetta Quetta
    298   Muhammad Tahir Muhammad Khair   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    299   Muhammad Kaleem Abdullah jan   Quetta Quetta
    300   Muhammad Kaleem Abdul Gaffar Nasir   Quetta Quetta
    301   Muhammad Mobeen Abdul Mateen   Quetta Quetta
    302   Muhammad Aleem Abdul Razaq   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    303   Muhammad Suleman Haji M.Daud   Quetta Sibi
    304   Muhammad Asim Muhammad Khan   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    305   Muhammad Ashraf M.Tahir Khan   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    306   Muhammad Farooq Ahmed Khan   Quetta Sibi
    307   Muhammad Riaz M.Umer   Quetta Sibi
    308   Muhammad Fazal Ali Ahmad   Quetta Kalat
    309   Muhammad Asim Muhammad Hayat   Quetta Sibi
    310   Muhammad Nauman-ul-Haq Haji M.Azeem   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    311   Muhammad Aslam Haji AGA Muhammad   Quetta Kalat
    312   Muhammad Asif Mengal     Quetta Nushki
    313   Muhammad Imran Khan Rodani Haji Abdul Wahab   Quetta Kalat
    314   Muhammad Shahzad Tareen Naik Muhammad Tareen   Quetta Kalat
    315   Muhammad Wasey Hayat M.Hayat   Quetta Sibi
    316   Mujeeb-Ur- Rehman Bashir Ahmed   Quetta Naseerabad
    317   Mukhtar Badal Badal   Quetta Turbat
    318   Munir khan Ameer   Quetta Loralai
    319   Munir Ahmed Pehalwan Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    320   Murtaza Khan Sabzal Khan   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    321   Musa Khan Akbar Khan   Quetta Loralai
    322   Nadeem Ahmed Lal Muhammad   Quetta Naseerabad
    323   Nadeem Hussain Atta Muhammad   Quetta Nushki
    324   Nadil Kasim Muhammad Kasim   Quetta Turbat
    325   nadir Ali Faqir Muhammad   Quetta Naseerabad
    326   Naeem Khan Abdul Khaliq   Quetta Loralai
    327   Naimat ullah Malak Jahandad   Quetta Loralai
    328   Najeeb ullah Abdul Manan   Quetta Pinshin
    329   Najeeb Ullah Dolat Khan   Quetta Pinshin
    330   Najeeb Ullah Qazi Abdullah   Quetta Naseerabad
    331   Najeeb Ullah Syed Shahjahan   Quetta Pinshin
    332   Najeeb Ullah Habib Ullah Khan   Quetta Quetta
    333   Naseeb ullah Khan Haji Fazal Mohammad   Quetta Pinshin
    334   Naseeb ullah Haji Fazal Muhammad   Quetta Quetta
    335   Naseem Khan Abdul Aziz   Quetta Quetta
    336   Naseer Khan     Quetta Pinshin
    337   Naseer Ahmed Hidayat Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    338   Nasim Khan     Quetta  
    339   Nasim-ur-Rehman Haji Ali Khan   Quetta Nushki
    340   Nasir Khan S Aman Ullah   Quetta Loralai
    341   Nasir Khan Abdul Mannan   Quetta Nushki
    342   Nasir Khan Haji Toor   Quetta Loralai
    343   Nasir Khan Aman ullah   Quetta Loralai
    344   Nasrullah Khan Haji Noor Muhammad   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    345   Naushad Irshad     Quetta  
    346   Naushad Irshad Irshad Ahmed   Quetta Turbat
    347   Naveed Ahmad Shukat Ali   Quetta Pinshin
    348   Nazir Ahmed Ali Ahmed   Quetta Nushki
    349   Nazir Ahmad Abdul Manan   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    350   Nazir Ahmed Haji Abdul Rasheed   Quetta Nushki
    351   Nazir Ahmed Abdul Qadeem   Quetta Quetta
    352   Nazir Ahmed Khair Muhammad   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    353   Niamat ullah Sultan Mohd   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    354   Niaz Muhammad Yar Muhammad   Quetta Sibi
    355   Nida Mohammad Gul Mohammad   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    356   Nisar Khan Qaim khan   Quetta Kalat
    357   Nizam ud din Tota Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    358   Nizam ud din Tota Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    359   Nizam udin Syed Muhammad   Quetta Quetta
    360   Noor Muhammad Raz Muhammad   Quetta Loralai
    361   Noor Khan Allah-ud-din   Quetta Pinshin
    362   Noshad Irshad Irshad Ahmed   Quetta Turbat
    363   Nzeer Amed Ali Ahmed   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    364   Obaid Ullah Abdul Wahab   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    365   Obaid ullah Haji Mehboob Ali   Quetta Kalat
    366   Qamar Din Dili Jan   Quetta Naseerabad
    367   Rafi Ullah Zulfiqar   Quetta Pinshin
    368   Rahim Ullah Rahmat Ullah   Quetta Pinshin
    369   Rajab ali Maula Baksh   Quetta Kalat
    370   Ramiz Raja Liaqat Ali   Quetta Pinshin
    371   Rehman Shahid Shahid Latif   Quetta Sibi
    372   Rehman Shafiq Mohammad Shafiq   Quetta Sibi
    373   Riaz Ahmed Niaz Muhammad   Quetta Nushki
    374   S Muhammad Raza Syed Hassan   Quetta Quetta
    375   Sabghut ullah Abdul Wali   Quetta Pinshin
    376   Sabir Hussain Anwer Hussain   Quetta Quetta
    377   Sadam khan Qubat Khan   Quetta Quetta
    378   Saddam Hussain Haji Sikandar   Quetta Nushki
    379   Saeed Jaffer Habib Ullah   Quetta Loralai
    380   Saeed Ahmed Abdul Bashir   Quetta Quetta
    381   Saeed Khan     Quetta  
    382   Safdar Shah     Quetta Sibi
    383   Safeer Khan M.Zahir Khan   Quetta Sibi
    384   Safeer Khan M. Thair Khan   Quetta Sibi
    385   Sagar Nazeer Nazeer Ahmed   Quetta Turbat
    386   Saif Ullah Saraj-ud-Din   Quetta Pinshin
    387   Sajed Ali Mohammad Azim   Quetta Sibi
    388   Sajid Kahoor Kahoor Khan   Quetta Turbat
    389   Sajid Hussain Allah DAD   Quetta Naseerabad
    390   Sajid Hussain S Allah Dad   Quetta Naseerabad
    391   Sakheer Shah Syed Khalil Shah   Quetta Nushki
    392   Saleh Shah Syed Ahmed Shah   Quetta Naseerabad
    393   Saleh Mohammad Mohammad Mussa Kaleem   Quetta Sibi
    394   Sami Ullah Salah-ud-Din   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    395   Sami Ullah Abdul Hameed   Quetta Pinshin
    396   Samiullah Abdullah Jan   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    397   Sana Ullah Abdulah Jan   Quetta Sibi
    398   Sana Ullah Hayat Ullah   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    399   Sana Ullah Khan Abdulah Khan   Quetta Quetta
    400   Sana-u-llah Allah Baksh   Quetta Kalat
    401   Sardar Wali Khair Muhammad   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    402   Sauood Ahmed Ameer Sardar   Quetta Kalat
    403   Shabbir Ali Ali Hasan   Quetta Naseerabad
    404   Shabbir Ali Ali Hassan   Quetta Naseerabad
    405   Shabir Ahmed Mola Buksh   Quetta Nushki
    406   Shah Muhammad Nasir Ghulam Muhammad Nasir   Quetta Loralai
    407   Shahbaz Ali Ali Ahmed   Quetta Sibi
    408   Shahbaz Khan Khudaid Khan   Quetta Pinshin
    409   Shahzad Ahmad Khan Mohammad   Quetta Sibi
    410   Shahzad Ahmad Abdul Samad Rind   Quetta Kalat
    411   Shahzaib Ahmed     Quetta  
    412   Shahzaib Ammin Mohammad Ammin   Quetta Sibi
    413   Shaista Khan Goas Baksh   Quetta Kalat
    414   Shakil Rind Haji Nazir Ahmad   Quetta Kalat
    415   Shakil Dehwar Khair Muhammad   Quetta Kalat
    416   Shakir Aiwaz Muhammad Aiwaz   Quetta Turbat
    417   Shakir Hussain Abdul Wahab   Quetta Naseerabad
    418   Shamas-ud-din Shahab-ud-din   Quetta Pinshin
    419   Sharaf u din Muhammad Sharaf khan   Quetta Quetta
    420   She Mureed Khan Mir Misree Khan   Quetta Nushki
    421   Shehbaz Khan Muhammad Raheem   Quetta Pinshin
    422   Sher Khan Jahangeer Khan   Quetta Pinshin
    423   Sher Ali Abdul Razzaq   Quetta Pinshin
    424   Sher Ali Khan Amani Malik   Quetta Quetta
    425   Sher Hussain Jogezi Aziz-ur-Rehman Jogezi   Quetta Quetta
    426   Shirf-ud- Din Abdul Mateen   Quetta Loralai
    427   Shoaib Badini Syed Muhammad   Quetta Nushki
    428   Shoaib Wahid     Quetta Turbat
    429   Shoukat Ali Abdul Rehman   Quetta Nushki
    430   Sikander Zaman Kaini Raja Afthkar Zaman Kayni   Quetta Sibi
    431   Sohail Ahmad Abdul Samad   Quetta Kalat
    432   Sufyan Taree DR: Khalil Tareen   Quetta Kalat
    433   Syed Atiq Ullah Syed Gul Mohammad   Quetta Pinshin
    434   Syed Mohammad Younis Syed Mohammad Noor   Quetta Pinshin
    435   Syed Ahmed Shah Syed Sultan M. Shah   Quetta Nushki
    436   Syed Zain u llah Syed Muhammad Shaifi   Quetta Quetta
    437   Syed Abdul Naseer Syed Shoukat Ali   Quetta Pinshin
    438   Syed Freed-ud- Din Syed Abdul Hai   Quetta Pinshin
    439   Syed Saood Hussain Shah Syed ghulam Hussain Shah   Quetta Nushki
    440   Tahir Iqbal Mohammad Iqbal   Quetta Pinshin
    441   Taimur Siddiq     Quetta  
    442   Taimur Ali Nazar Muhammad   Quetta Naseerabad
    443   Taimur Khan     Quetta  
    444   Taiyaba     Quetta  
    445   Talib Hussain Allah Dad   Quetta Naseerabad
    446   Tamoor Khan Khajjak Abdul Sattar Khajjak   Quetta Sibi
    447   Ubaid Ullah Taj Mir   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    448   Waheed Bakhsh Ghulam Muhammad   Quetta Turbat
    449   Wahid Baksh Ghulam Muhammad   Quetta Turbat
    450   Wahid Baksh Allahi Baksh   Quetta Kalat
    451   Wali Khan Lal Shah   Quetta Pinshin
    452   waqar Ali Abdul Ghafoor   Quetta Naseerabad
    453   Waqas Ahmed toor Ejaz Ahmed toor   Quetta Loralai
    454   Waqas Saleem M.saleem Shahid   Quetta Naseerabad
    455   Wasay Hayat     Quetta Sibi
    456   Yasir Khan Aman ullah   Quetta Loralai
    457   Zafar ullah Mohammad Naeem   Quetta Killa Abdullah Chaman
    458   Zaheer Rehmat Mian Rehmat   Quetta Turbat
    459   Zaheer Rehmat     Quetta  
    460   Zaheer Rehmat Main Rehmat   Quetta Turbat
    461   Zaheer Ahmed Ameen-u-din   Quetta Nushki
    462   Zahid Gul Muhammad Haneef   Quetta Sibi
    463   Zahid Hussain Badal Khan   Quetta Kalat
    464   Zahoor Ahmed Niaz Muhammad   Quetta Loralai
    465   Zakir Ali Sabir Ali   Quetta Turbat
    466   Zakir Ahmed Khan Hakeem Khan   Quetta Quetta
    467   Zameer Khan Lal Shah   Quetta Loralai
    468   Zeeshan Ahmed Gulzar Ahmed   Quetta Quetta
    469   Zulfiqar Ali Jonir Roshan Khan   Quetta Naseerabad
    470   Zulfiqar Ali Muhammad Zaman   Quetta Naseerabad
    471   Zulfiqar Khan Haji Abdul Salam   Quetta Pinshin
  • Govt of Balochistan Finance Department website

    Govt of Balochistan has a website with the name of Many departments of Balochistan still does not have any proper websites. 

    But the Department of Finance has a website with the domain name

    what you can expect from this website?





    Budget of Balochistan government for year 2018, 2019 , 2020 and so on. 





  • How to Complain/Contact Chief Minister of Balochistan Quetta?

    Do you have any complain /Suggestion?

    You want to share the situation with Chief Minister of Balochistan Quetta?


    Then you have to contact on the following addresses

    Chief Minister Balochistan Complaint Cell

    Phone No:081-9202550


    Mobile No: 0333-7801043

    Fax No. 081-9202752

    Email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • QAU Quaid e Azam University Islamabad BA BSc LLB BS Hons BS Home Economics Annual Semester Examination Results Spring 2018 Date sheet download

    Quaid e Azam University is the top first university of Pakistan. It is a public sector university and have various departments and programs. QAU also conducts examinations for following levels.



    BS Hons


    Download Datesheet

    Result will be announced in September 2018

  • QAU Quaid e Azam University Islamabad MA M.Sc MCS M.Com Annual Semester Examination Results Spring 2018 Date sheet download

    Quaid e Azam University is the top first university of Pakistan. It is a public sector university and have various departments and programs. QAU also conducts examinations for following levels.



    MS Hons


    Download Form

    Result will be announced in October 2018

  • University of Balochistan Admission Requirements 2018 MA BA M.Sc B.Sc B.Pharm


    1. Admission Criteria and Categorization


    1. *Admissions in the teaching departments shall be granted in proportion to the a11ocation of seats therein on the basis of merit. 10% seats shall be on open merit while 1 5% shall be for Quetta district and the remaining 75% seats shall be for the remaining applicants belonging to
      the other distr1ctsof the Province of Balochistan.

    * However, if there is some district from where no one or only one applicant could qualify for admission in a department, then in case of no one 2 applicants and if already there is one applicant admitted in conformity with the aforesaid merit formula from that district--then only one more applicant will be granted admission in that particular department, on merit from amongst the unsuccessful but otherwise eligible candidates belonging to that particular district and who had already submitted their applications in the department.

    * Besides, only in B Pharmacy program of studies two more applicants from each district will be granted admission on merit from amongst the eligible applicants of that particular district who had earlier submitted their applications in the Department of Pharmacy.

    1. Eligible applicants shall be categorized as under:

    2. Category: A

    Local/domiciled residents of Balochistan, who fulfill the academic pre- requisites and eligibility requirements as mention under clause A & C.

    1. Category: B

    Direct dependents ( son / daughter, brother / sister, wife / husband} of the Federal Government and Autonomous organizations personnel serving in Balochistan, who fulfill the academic pre-requisites and eligibility requirements as mentioned under clauses A & C, as per enclosed appendix: I.

    iii. Category: C

    * Nominees of AJK, Armed Forces, FATA and Federal Schools. * Reserved seats for Disabled and Foreign students who fulfill the academic pre-requisites and eligibility requirements as mentioned under clause A & C. .
    * Besides, only the direct dependents ( son / daughter, brother / sister , wife / husband) of the teachers, staff, and employees of the University and of Pakistanis working abroad as per enclosed Appendix: II art.


    Quota Policy


    Open Merit                        10%

    Residents of Quetta City    15%

    Rest of Balochistan            75%





    1. a.Applicants who are local/domiciled residents of Balochistan and who fulfill the academic pre-requisite as mentioned under the heading" A " .
    2. However, only the direct dependents such as son/daughter , brother/sister, wife/husband of the personnel serving in Balochistan may
      as well be eligible for adm1sslon on merit as mentioned.
    3. Nominees of AJK, Armed Forces, FATA, and Federal Schools are also eligible besides reserved seats for disabled and foreign students.
    4. Only the direct dependents such as son/daughter, brother/sister , wife/husband of the University teachers, staff, and employees and of Pakistanis working abroad are also eligible for admissions on merit as mentioned in Appendix II.

    a. Applicants who have passed the qualifying examination at most 2 years prior to the year of admission. For the admissions seeking in the year 2004, the applicants must have passed the qualifying examination in the annual of 2001

    1. However, in the programme of studies where there are seats available relaxation of one year i.e, graduates of 2000 may be allowed to seek admission subject to the condition that they are not already ineligible as mentioned under clause "D".
    2. In no case, applicants who have passed the qualifying examination earlier than 3 years prior to the year of admission, i.e, in 12001 or earlier shall be eligible for admission even if there are seats vacant in the departments.

    3. Only in language courses such as Balochi/ Brahvi/ Persian/ Pushto/ Urdu as well as in Philosophy further relaxation of two years i.e, graduates of 2000 can be granted admission subject to availability of seats and that the applicant does not already hold Masters qualification and on the condition that such applicants will not be entitled for the University Hostel accommodation and for the interdepartmental migration.




    1. Applicants who are non-local/non-domiciled of Balochiostan except those who are mentioned under clause E (2(ii) & 2(iii).
    2. Applicants who do not fulfill the academic pre-requisites.
    3. Applicants who have qualified in 2000 and earlier or the supplementary examination of 2003 or who have bee placed in compartment in the B.A/B.Sc.
      annual examination of 2000 except those granted relaxation vide clause . C(2d).
    4. Applicants who already have qualified post graduate degree programme of studies.
    5. Applicants who already are studying in the University or had been student of the University.


    Bio-Chemistry. B.Sc. with Chemistry & Zoology/Botany.
    Botany. B.Sc. with Botany.
    Chemistry:   B.Sc. with Chemistry.
    Geography.   B.A./B.Sc with Geography.
    Geology. B.Sc with Geology.
    Mathematics. B.Sc with Mathematics.
    Physics. B.Sc with Physics & Mathematics
    Statistics. B.A/B.Sc with Statistic & Math-A.
    Zoology.    B.Sc with Zoology & Chemistry.


    Faculty of Arts



    1.  Balochi  


    2.  Brahvi


    3.  Commerce


    4.  Economics

    B.A/B.Sc. with Economics

    5.  Education


    6.  English


    7.  History


    8.  International Relation

    B.A./ with Econ/Pol.s./Hist.

    9.  Islamic Studies


    10. Library Science


    11. Mass Communication


    12. Pakistan Studies

    B.A. with Pk.Std/Pols/Hist/Soc/ S work

    13. Persian


    14. Philosophy


    15. Political Science 

    B.A with Political Science.

    16. Psychology

    B.A/B.Sc. with Psychology.

    17. Public Administration

    B.A/B.Sc./B.Com with PSc/Eco/Psy. Math/Soc/SW /Psy 

    18. Pushto


    19. Social Work

    B.A. with Soc Work/Sociology.

    20. Sociology

    B.A. with Sociology/Soc. Work

    21. Urdu





    Pharmacy 4 years. F.Sc. with Pre-Medical Group.



    Fine Arts F.A./F.Sc.



    Computer Science B.Sc. with Physics and Math's
    Library Science B.A/B.Sc
  • Who is Governor of Balochistan? What are responsibilities of a Governor?

    Muhammad Khan Achakzai is the Current Governor of Balochistan Quetta. He is working since 2013 as a governor. Mr. Achakzai has done his MPA from Harvard University USA , MS in Strategic Studies from National Defense University and MS in Economics from Strathclyde University Scotland. 


    The Governors Message from his website is : 

                 It gives me immense pleasure to learn that the Government of Balochistan has launched its website wherein all the relevant information about the Province including its History, Culture and Heritage, Tourist attractions, Development activities, Mega Projects and investment opportunities beside the information about all the Government Departments, have been provided. I congratulate and appreciate the Provincial Government for taking this progressive step. This would certainly go a long way to introduce this remote area of the country to the people within and outside the country. Particularly it would help to attract investment and tourists by providing maximum information in this regard on the website.

                        I once again extend my felicitations to the Government of Balochistan on launching its website. I hope that the Science & Information Technology Department will keep it updated and continue to make it better and authentic source of access to information. I wish them all success. ||You are 123824 visitor