• Do you know which honey that is very dangerous for human health, honey eagerly read this news

    The New York (Monitoring Desk) is certainly a coincidence in honey, but the scientists available in the market have shown such a horrible shock that people of all its benefits will also be afraid of handling it. According to the New York Times, British scientists have said that in the three-fourth part of the world, honeymoones have been found to be extremely poisonous chemicals in the form of honey in the world. Scientists conducted their tests by taking the samples of the samples from different countries in 198 countries. They stated that -> "75 percent of these samples have a neonicotinoid chemical present. That could prove to be extremely dangerous for the human nervous system.

    These dangerous chemicals are involved in honey from the crops and trees used on trees, because the bees make honey by sucking juice from their crops and trees. "Scientists said that chemists were also harming the chemicals of these drugs. And the honey made can also bring humans to the mouth of death. Dio Golson, professor of Biology of the University of Sesex, said, "After this research we have no doubt that we eat every single honey, with which we have a neurotaxus (poisonous invasion of nervous system) I am taking away. Although the amount of honey in the honey's daily diet reduces its quantity, it can reduce the risk of poisonous poisonous chemical human being. "

  • How to Find out the meat or goat or donkey immediately?

    The problem of halal hausar has been running since centuries, but some faith-makers devotees kill their conscience and take some steps to listen to the ears that they hear. Meat is the item that every Muslim eats, but the condition for that is only lawful. Today, there are some unbelievers who do not come to prevent people from feeding forbidden meat and selling meat to other people in the drug addicts, instead of lawful meat, selling meat and other animals as lawal. To cope with this situation, the public has been instructed to follow the rules which people can avoid eating the forbidden meat.

    Sources of live stock said that goat and cow fiber are harder. Keep a piece of meat straight on handheld, and if not fall, you can understand that lawl is meat if it falls, then it is understood that it is not the goat or cow's meat because the donkeys of the donkey are very soft and its meat The color is dark purple.

  • Balochistan Board Quetta bise 9th Class 10th Class 2018 Matric SSC arts science Result announced

    Dear Students you are waiting for the result of 10th class and 9th class from Balochistan Board. 

    The time is over now and the result has been announced. 

    The top positions will be share on this page later. 

    Further details will be uploaded on this website soon. 


    We are not able to upload this result on our website. soon we are going to publish the other details. 

  • Citizen Budget 2017-2018-2019 Pakistan, Balochistan

    THE CITIZENS’ BUDGET 2017-2018


    ACRONYMS BCDP Balochistan Community Development Programme BEEF Balochistan Education Endowment Fund BESP Balochistan Education Sector Plan BHU Basic Health Unit CIDA Canadian International Development Agency CTD Counter Terrorism Department CPEC China Pakistan Economic Corridor CM Chief Minister DHQ District Headquarter EMIS Education Management Information System FY Financial Year FBR Federal Board of Revenue GDP Gross Domestic Product GOB Government of Balochistan GPE Global Partnership for Education GAVI Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunisation GPO Government Post Ofce GPP Governance and Policy Project ICT Information Communication Technology IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency PM Prime Minister RHC Rural Health Centre SDGs Sustainable Development Goals SMC School Management Committee THQ Tehsil Headquarters UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund WB World Bank WHO World Health Organisation

    Geographically, Balochistan is the largest province in Pakistan. Spread over 347,190 Sq. kms with 770 km coastline, it is least populated of the provinces with nearly 10 million people. The province is rich in mineral resources worth billions of dollars. The deep sea port of Gwadar in Balochistan ofers immense possibilities to promote regional trade, particularly with China - the world’s second largest economy. Notwithstanding these comparative advantages, the province is faced with high incidence of poverty, low literacy and mortality rates, slow economic growth, unemployment and instability due to rising militancy. In recognition of all these challenges, the budget for the fscal year 2017-18 refects the Government of Balochistan’s commitment and priorities to bolster its latent resources - paving way for both economic growth and pro-poor development.

    WHAT IS A BUDGET? Budget is the overall fnancial plan of the government, projecting revenues and expenditures for a particular fscal year. It is a tool for translating government’s vision into policies based on areas of priority through annual package of initiatives and programmes. WHAT IS A CITIZENS’ BUDGET? The primary objective of all government spending is to improve the lives of its people. Therefore, it is important for citizens to comprehend how the public expenditure is used to deliver services and programmes that afect their lives. The Citizens’ Budget makes this information available to people in an easy to understand form leading to transparency and accountability in public expenditure.

    QUETTA DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE Prime Minister’s Package Project Name Estimated Cost (Rs. in Mn) 1. Construction of City Expressway on Habib Nallah, Kasi Road / Alamdar Road (200 meter) 4000 2. Nawa Killi Flyover (500 meter) 500 3. Clearing, Aligning & Reconstruction of Sariab Road (10.6Km) 1000 Total 5,500 Chief Minister’s Package Project Name Estimated Cost (Rs. in Mn) 1. Under Pass / Fly over at Gwalmandi Chowk 1000 2. Under Pass / Fly over at GPO Chowk 1000 3. Clearing / Aligning / Extension of Subzal Road 500 4. Clearing / Aligning / Extension of Joint Road 300 5. Fictionalization / Integration of Sewerage System 500 6. Food Street near Rail-way Station 200 7. Construction / Rehabilitation of Roads in Sariab Area 500 Total 4,000


    CPEC Projects in Pakistan and Balochistan

    New Gwadar International Airport Rs. 22,247.5 Mn Facilities of Fresh Water Treatment, Water Supply and Distribution Rs.14061 Mn Quetta Mass Transit System Rs. 2,000 Mn 110 Km Besima Khuzdar Road (N-30) CPEC Rs. 4,454.6 Mn Infrastructure Development for EPZA and GIEDA Rs. 3450 million Transport of Indus Water to Quetta and adjoining districts Rs. 4,000 Mn Access road from Makran Coastal Highway to New Gwadar International Airport Rs. 184.3 Mn Upgrdation of existing 50 Bed Hospital to 300 Beds in Gwadar Rs. 9,968.23 million Pre-feasibility study for the installation of 300 M Coal Fired Power Plant at Gwadar Rs. 20 Mn Eastbay Expressway Gwadar Rs. 11,396 Mn Feasibility studies to connect Gwadar with Karachi and Gwadar to Besima to Jacobabad via Khuzdar Rs. 135 Mn W132 KV sub-stations at Down Town, Gwadar Rs. 961.81 Mn C


  • Govt of Balochistan Finance Department website

    Govt of Balochistan has a website with the name of Many departments of Balochistan still does not have any proper websites. 

    But the Department of Finance has a website with the domain name

    what you can expect from this website?





    Budget of Balochistan government for year 2018, 2019 , 2020 and so on. 





  • How to share a facebook post on whatsapp number? It's possible to share post on Facebook with Whatsapp

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    If users click on any post by clicking on the Share, then enter three options, write now and send to whats app as soon as the user chooses to opt out on the 'Whatsapp' option. Which can be sent to the Whatsapp. According to experts, the first material was to be downloaded for this purpose, then the whatsapp were loaded on the app, so we will be able to send the contents of Facebook on the Wats app directly from just one click through this feature. .
  • Who is Governor of Balochistan? What are responsibilities of a Governor?

    Muhammad Khan Achakzai is the Current Governor of Balochistan Quetta. He is working since 2013 as a governor. Mr. Achakzai has done his MPA from Harvard University USA , MS in Strategic Studies from National Defense University and MS in Economics from Strathclyde University Scotland. 


    The Governors Message from his website is : 

                 It gives me immense pleasure to learn that the Government of Balochistan has launched its website wherein all the relevant information about the Province including its History, Culture and Heritage, Tourist attractions, Development activities, Mega Projects and investment opportunities beside the information about all the Government Departments, have been provided. I congratulate and appreciate the Provincial Government for taking this progressive step. This would certainly go a long way to introduce this remote area of the country to the people within and outside the country. Particularly it would help to attract investment and tourists by providing maximum information in this regard on the website.

                        I once again extend my felicitations to the Government of Balochistan on launching its website. I hope that the Science & Information Technology Department will keep it updated and continue to make it better and authentic source of access to information. I wish them all success. ||You are 124179 visitor