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  • HEC/DAAD Scholarships 2018-2019 for Germany Masters MS, PhD

    DAAD - What is it?

    The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the largest funding organisation in the world supporting the international exchange of students and scholars. Since it was founded in 1925, more than 1.5 million scholars in Germany and abroad have received DAAD funding. It is a registered association and its members are German institutions of higher education and student bodies. Its activities go far beyond simply awarding grants and scholarships. The DAAD supports the internationalisation of German universities, promotes German studies and the German language abroadassists developing countries in establishing effective universities and advises decision makers on matters of cultural, education and development policy. Read more...

    Our Islamabad based DAAD Information Center

    • Provides information about study and research in Germany.

    • Announces and administers DAAD funding programmes and informs about programmes of other German or European funding organisations.

    • Assists the Higher Education Commission in the administration of their scholarship programmes for Germany.

    The DAAD is not a commercial consultancy or recruitment agency. Thus, we can only provide information about study and research in Germany. We do not, however, receive or process applications to German universities. All applicants have to contact the respective university on their own. (We do, however, receive and process applications to DAAD scholarship programmes.)

    Warning against false "agents"!

    We have been informed that at several places in Pakistan, people have been asked to pay fees for DAAD and visa application to "agents" pretending to act on behalf of the DAAD or the German Embassy. 
    Please note: DAAD is offering its services free of charge! Scholarships are awarded strictly on merit. There is not way to improve your chances by paying money to any "agent". Please report any such incidents to the DAAD information center (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

    Getting Started- A step by step guide!


    How can I find a suitable degree course?

    German universities offer a total of more than 900 degree courses in English language. Most foreign students go for these courses, since they prefer to cover their course work and write their thesis in English rather than in German language. Of course, foreign students are also welcome to enroll to degree courses in German language. Proof of sufficient knowledge of German is however a precondition in this case. Find your degree course at or use our International Programmes database.

    Study-in-deAbout Ranking: In general, all German research universities and universities of applied sciences all meet a high standard of research and teaching. University ranking is thus not that common in Germany. Ranking is done for single subjects instead. Use the CHE ranking according to your own priorities. For information on German university ranking, visit: Logo Che-ranking


    Which requirements do i have to meet when applying for a degree course?

    Undergraduate courses

    The Pakistani HSSC is not considered as equivalent to a German Secondary School Certificate ("Abitur”). As a holder of a HSSC you have to complete one year of undergraduate studies at a university in Pakistan before you may apply for an undergraduate course in the same field in Germany. Another option is to visit a foundation course in Germany (Studienkolleg) and pass a test ("Feststellungsprüfung”) before you are eligible to apply for an undergraduate course. For detailed information on the foundation courses in Germany, please visit Preparatory & Introductory Courses or the website of the Studienkollegs.

    You need, however, basic knowledge of German when applying for a foundation course. High school graduates holding an A-level may apply directly for an undergraduate course at a German university depending on the number and the field of their A-level subjects. More information on foundation courses can be found here

    Please read through the following guideline if you wish to go for undergraduate studies "Undergraduate Education in Germany "

    Information on Studienkolleg if you do hold an HSSC certificate  (FSc/ FA)

    Guideline: How to study Medicine in Germany


    Graduate courses

    Applicants have to have competed 16 years of education (M.Sc., M.A., B.Eng, BS) before applying for a Master’s course in Germany. Last Degree Pk


    How can I apply?


    If the university you wish to apply to participates in the programme "Application Services for International Students” (UNI-ASSIST), you have to apply via UNIASSIST. With one application submitted to UNI-ASSIST, you can apply to several universities at a time. You will have to pay a fee of 55 Euro for your first application and 15 Euro for all additional universities you want to apply to.

    Find more information at Assist

    If your university is not participating in the UNI-ASSIST programme, you have to apply to the university directly. You will find all information concerning application on the university’s website or on the website of the selected degree course.


    Do I need to know German?

    For all international degree courses with English as language of instruction the requirements are listed on the website of the programme. In most cases a certain IELTS or TOEFL score is required. When applying for a programme in German language, you have to pass a respective German language exam.

    But even if you plan to study in English language, it is highly advisable to learn enough German to be able to communicate with people.

    In Pakistan, German language courses are offered by Goethe Institute Karachi, Annemarie Schimmel Haus Lahore and National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Islamabad and several other providers.

    Useful links:

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     Goethe Karachi              Lah-gilogo-e         Numl-banner100x500 _1_

  • QAU Quaid e Azam University Islamabad MA M.Sc MCS M.Com Annual Semester Examination Results Spring 2018 Date sheet download

    Quaid e Azam University is the top first university of Pakistan. It is a public sector university and have various departments and programs. QAU also conducts examinations for following levels.



    MS Hons


    Download Form

    Result will be announced in October 2018

  • University of Balochistan Admission Requirements 2018 MA BA M.Sc B.Sc B.Pharm


    1. Admission Criteria and Categorization


    1. *Admissions in the teaching departments shall be granted in proportion to the a11ocation of seats therein on the basis of merit. 10% seats shall be on open merit while 1 5% shall be for Quetta district and the remaining 75% seats shall be for the remaining applicants belonging to
      the other distr1ctsof the Province of Balochistan.

    * However, if there is some district from where no one or only one applicant could qualify for admission in a department, then in case of no one 2 applicants and if already there is one applicant admitted in conformity with the aforesaid merit formula from that district--then only one more applicant will be granted admission in that particular department, on merit from amongst the unsuccessful but otherwise eligible candidates belonging to that particular district and who had already submitted their applications in the department.

    * Besides, only in B Pharmacy program of studies two more applicants from each district will be granted admission on merit from amongst the eligible applicants of that particular district who had earlier submitted their applications in the Department of Pharmacy.

    1. Eligible applicants shall be categorized as under:

    2. Category: A

    Local/domiciled residents of Balochistan, who fulfill the academic pre- requisites and eligibility requirements as mention under clause A & C.

    1. Category: B

    Direct dependents ( son / daughter, brother / sister, wife / husband} of the Federal Government and Autonomous organizations personnel serving in Balochistan, who fulfill the academic pre-requisites and eligibility requirements as mentioned under clauses A & C, as per enclosed appendix: I.

    iii. Category: C

    * Nominees of AJK, Armed Forces, FATA and Federal Schools. * Reserved seats for Disabled and Foreign students who fulfill the academic pre-requisites and eligibility requirements as mentioned under clause A & C. .
    * Besides, only the direct dependents ( son / daughter, brother / sister , wife / husband) of the teachers, staff, and employees of the University and of Pakistanis working abroad as per enclosed Appendix: II art.


    Quota Policy


    Open Merit                        10%

    Residents of Quetta City    15%

    Rest of Balochistan            75%





    1. a.Applicants who are local/domiciled residents of Balochistan and who fulfill the academic pre-requisite as mentioned under the heading" A " .
    2. However, only the direct dependents such as son/daughter , brother/sister, wife/husband of the personnel serving in Balochistan may
      as well be eligible for adm1sslon on merit as mentioned.
    3. Nominees of AJK, Armed Forces, FATA, and Federal Schools are also eligible besides reserved seats for disabled and foreign students.
    4. Only the direct dependents such as son/daughter, brother/sister , wife/husband of the University teachers, staff, and employees and of Pakistanis working abroad are also eligible for admissions on merit as mentioned in Appendix II.

    a. Applicants who have passed the qualifying examination at most 2 years prior to the year of admission. For the admissions seeking in the year 2004, the applicants must have passed the qualifying examination in the annual of 2001

    1. However, in the programme of studies where there are seats available relaxation of one year i.e, graduates of 2000 may be allowed to seek admission subject to the condition that they are not already ineligible as mentioned under clause "D".
    2. In no case, applicants who have passed the qualifying examination earlier than 3 years prior to the year of admission, i.e, in 12001 or earlier shall be eligible for admission even if there are seats vacant in the departments.

    3. Only in language courses such as Balochi/ Brahvi/ Persian/ Pushto/ Urdu as well as in Philosophy further relaxation of two years i.e, graduates of 2000 can be granted admission subject to availability of seats and that the applicant does not already hold Masters qualification and on the condition that such applicants will not be entitled for the University Hostel accommodation and for the interdepartmental migration.




    1. Applicants who are non-local/non-domiciled of Balochiostan except those who are mentioned under clause E (2(ii) & 2(iii).
    2. Applicants who do not fulfill the academic pre-requisites.
    3. Applicants who have qualified in 2000 and earlier or the supplementary examination of 2003 or who have bee placed in compartment in the B.A/B.Sc.
      annual examination of 2000 except those granted relaxation vide clause . C(2d).
    4. Applicants who already have qualified post graduate degree programme of studies.
    5. Applicants who already are studying in the University or had been student of the University.


    Bio-Chemistry. B.Sc. with Chemistry & Zoology/Botany.
    Botany. B.Sc. with Botany.
    Chemistry:   B.Sc. with Chemistry.
    Geography.   B.A./B.Sc with Geography.
    Geology. B.Sc with Geology.
    Mathematics. B.Sc with Mathematics.
    Physics. B.Sc with Physics & Mathematics
    Statistics. B.A/B.Sc with Statistic & Math-A.
    Zoology.    B.Sc with Zoology & Chemistry.


    Faculty of Arts



    1.  Balochi  


    2.  Brahvi


    3.  Commerce


    4.  Economics

    B.A/B.Sc. with Economics

    5.  Education


    6.  English


    7.  History


    8.  International Relation

    B.A./ with Econ/Pol.s./Hist.

    9.  Islamic Studies


    10. Library Science


    11. Mass Communication


    12. Pakistan Studies

    B.A. with Pk.Std/Pols/Hist/Soc/ S work

    13. Persian


    14. Philosophy


    15. Political Science 

    B.A with Political Science.

    16. Psychology

    B.A/B.Sc. with Psychology.

    17. Public Administration

    B.A/B.Sc./B.Com with PSc/Eco/Psy. Math/Soc/SW /Psy 

    18. Pushto


    19. Social Work

    B.A. with Soc Work/Sociology.

    20. Sociology

    B.A. with Sociology/Soc. Work

    21. Urdu





    Pharmacy 4 years. F.Sc. with Pre-Medical Group.



    Fine Arts F.A./F.Sc.



    Computer Science B.Sc. with Physics and Math's
    Library Science B.A/B.Sc ||You are 3606303 visitor