Biotechnology is a recent branch of technology, where a lot of multi-disciplinary research is going on. Many universities in Pakistan are offering BS, MS and even PhD degrees in Biotechnology. Does Pakistan need so many Bio-technologists? The answer is No, because Pakistan lack high quality biotechnology research centers, where these graduates could work. So where is the future for the Bio-technologists?

From the admission to the graduation a bio-technologist doesn't know the scope of his degree. But the scope is never existed on this world. Every person has to create the scope by his own. How can a bio-technologist create any scope? To create the scope you need to think like an industrialist or businessman. You have to figure out where you can sell your skills? Once you figured out the correct market for your skills, you have figured out the scope of your degree. 

Some business examples of biotechnology include,

  • Seed manipulation
  • Crop/GMO marketing and counselling for farmers
  • Manual Database curing
  • Insecticide/Pesticide Marketing
  • Bio-fuel/Bio-Gas Production
  • Genetically Modified bacteria for research 
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Medicine Research
  • Bioinformatics
  • Pharmacy

So its time to think about the market for your skills. Whatever your degree is , it doesn't matter, you can create scope matching your skills. ||You are 1122545 visitor