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What is WSSCA?

Mission of WSSCA is straight forward to facilitate the people of Abbottabad by providing three basic services. It is not only providing the below services but also to standardize the living standard of people of Abbottabad.

  • Sanitation
  • Solid waste management
  • Drinking water

WSSCA vision is beyond the way people think about this company. It is not all about providing just these services. Our visionary plans are to enhance and modernize these services by using modern and day-to-day techniques. Other visionary plan includes but not limited to proper disposal of waste by using solid waste plant and make use of that product for agricultural use.

WSSCA mainly focus on three basic objectives sanitation and sewerage (drains rain and water), solid waste management and providing drinking water on daily basis.

We are almost successful in achieving our objectives. Our team works on daily basis to collect waste and dispose it off in proper way and similarly drinking and sewerage water.




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