The New York (Monitoring Desk) is certainly a coincidence in honey, but the scientists available in the market have shown such a horrible shock that people of all its benefits will also be afraid of handling it. According to the New York Times, British scientists have said that in the three-fourth part of the world, honeymoones have been found to be extremely poisonous chemicals in the form of honey in the world. Scientists conducted their tests by taking the samples of the samples from different countries in 198 countries. They stated that -> "75 percent of these samples have a neonicotinoid chemical present. That could prove to be extremely dangerous for the human nervous system.

These dangerous chemicals are involved in honey from the crops and trees used on trees, because the bees make honey by sucking juice from their crops and trees. "Scientists said that chemists were also harming the chemicals of these drugs. And the honey made can also bring humans to the mouth of death. Dio Golson, professor of Biology of the University of Sesex, said, "After this research we have no doubt that we eat every single honey, with which we have a neurotaxus (poisonous invasion of nervous system) I am taking away. Although the amount of honey in the honey's daily diet reduces its quantity, it can reduce the risk of poisonous poisonous chemical human being. " ||You are 746742 visitor