Daily 100 to 150 hair falling is normal, but some people are in trouble due to excessive hair fall because this dangers make an unusual change in the shape, which also reduces the confidence of the affected person. There are several ways that prevent hair from dropping, but they also make hazardous effects on hair. However, today we will present a natural way in front of you, which will not only prevent your hair from falling, but it will also help in getting back to the gray hair. Experts attribute onions to be very useful for hair loss. You can extract the onion juice and guard it, or it can also be used by mixing it in other herbs. Sulfur is found in a sufficient amount of onion, which improves the blood during the skull and also increases the production of "cholina tissue" that plays the main role in the development of hair. Onions by germs Juice juice or boil 4 to 5 chopped onion boil water for 10 minutes after cooling water and after shampoo in hair. If you can tolerate the onions of onions, keep it on the head all day, but if you have a problem, then dry water with a clean water after one hour.

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