Every year International Islamic University makes the arrangement of Itekaf at Faisal Mosque Islamabad. Itekaf is a isolated worship of God for intended period of time. Muslims can be in Itekaf any time of the year, however being in Itekaf for the last 10 days of Ramdhan is considered very important, because of the great night of Laila-tul-qadar. Almost every mosque makes the arrangement of Itekaf in Ramdhan. Faisal Mosque also makes the arrangements. 

People are asked to submit online forms (Click here to Submit your Request). Then they will be contacted by International Islamic University staff and everything is arranged accordingly. 

Faisal Mosque is one of the biggest Mosques in Pakistan. About 300, 000 persons can perform prayer at once in Faisal Mosque. It is situated near to Margala Hills and gives a very beautiful and refreshed look. 


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