The problem of halal hausar has been running since centuries, but some faith-makers devotees kill their conscience and take some steps to listen to the ears that they hear. Meat is the item that every Muslim eats, but the condition for that is only lawful. Today, there are some unbelievers who do not come to prevent people from feeding forbidden meat and selling meat to other people in the drug addicts, instead of lawful meat, selling meat and other animals as lawal. To cope with this situation, the public has been instructed to follow the rules which people can avoid eating the forbidden meat.

Sources of live stock said that goat and cow fiber are harder. Keep a piece of meat straight on handheld, and if not fall, you can understand that lawl is meat if it falls, then it is understood that it is not the goat or cow's meat because the donkeys of the donkey are very soft and its meat The color is dark purple. ||You are 372821 visitor