The whatsapp has completed the demand for consumers at the beginning of November last year when the company introduced the feature to deliberately send messages. Users using Android, iPhone and Windows Phones through this feature We can delete any message within seven minutes. So now there is an error in the Watts app, which estimates that this feature is not so useful, especially if any person in your group chat will be delivered to your email address. But you've got the option to replicate it. Read more: Do you know this secret and useful feature of the whatsapp? If grouped on a delicious message is replicated then it becomes visible to others as well. It is also seen on individual chat, which seems that it is not a bug but feature However, in this regard the whatsapp has not yet said anything. This is likely to be very high when you chat with people who are accustomed to replicating. One website is the Knickest Web pointed out You can see the picture below. The Photocopy right of the Next Web site, you can see in the picture that the original message has been successfully deleted, but the Daily The text is available in the second person's replica. Read this: Learn how to schedule messages in the whatsapp Uwits app has never previously explained how to work in delete for avonce feature replica. Before it came to mind, it is possible to record delay messages in the Android notification history, while some third-party apps are also designed for this purpose. ||You are 40186 visitor