Facebook is now introducing a feature that allows Facebook content to be shared with just one click on the Wats app. Send this feature to''wits app '(Send to whatsApp) The feature has not been announced yet, however, the date of introduction of this feature has not been announced. Facebook content will be shared with individual or group accounts in the Watson app by selecting this feature .These features include video, Pictures and letters can be shared automatically.
If users click on any post by clicking on the Share, then enter three options, write now and send to whats app as soon as the user chooses to opt out on the 'Whatsapp' option. Which can be sent to the Whatsapp. According to experts, the first material was to be downloaded for this purpose, then the whatsapp were loaded on the app, so we will be able to send the contents of Facebook on the Wats app directly from just one click through this feature. .
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