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Age & Qualification

  1. Candidates taking the 7th class test must be 11 years old and should either be studying in or should have passed the 6th class at the time of admission. Their age should not exceed 13 years, as no age relaxation is permissible here.
  2. Candidates taking the 8th class test must be 12 years old and should either be studying in or should have passed the 7th class at the time of admission. Their age should not exceed 14 years, as no age relaxation is permissible here.
  3. Candidates taking the 9th class test must be 13 years old and should either be studying in or should have passed the 8th class at the time of admission. Their age should not exceed 15 years as no age relaxation is permissible here. They will have to appear in General Science paper too.
  4. Successful candidates in the written test are called for Medical Check up to be carried out by the School Medical Officer before the interview to determine the fitness/disability and also ensure that the real age of the boys commensurate with their physical appearance and height etc.
  5. It is worth noting here that our main entry is in the 7th class only. There are very limited numbers of seats for the 8th & 9th classes in case the situation permits.
  6. The admission tests for the aforementioned classes are generally held on 25th December every year at various centers i.e. Abbottabad, Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi (The candidates are normally asked to appear for the Test/Interview at the centers of their choice. In case it is not feasible to hold the written test and interview at a particular centre, the candidates of that particular center shall be asked to appear for the test and interview at another centre. The date for submission of forms and schedule of the tests are advertised well in time in all the leading newspapers of the country. Two new examinations centers i.e. Multan and Quetta have also been introduced so that maximum people are attracted and benefited by the School.
  7. Applications for admission should be submitted on the prescribed form (annexure I) contained in the School prospectus. The complete application form must be accompanied by crossed postal order/Bank Draft for the amount indicated on the application form, payable to the Principal, Abbottabad Public School, Abbottabad. Photocopy of the application form is not acceptable.
  8. The academic session for all classes except the F.Sc. classes commences in March and terminates in December. For the College section, academic session is prescribed by the BISE, Abbottabad. Admission to both the Medical and Engineering groups in the 11thclass will strictly be on merit against 70 seats only. The School is under no obligation to admit all the boys who pass the S.S.C. Examination from this Institution. Discipline of a student and his parents will carry maximum weightage while determining the merit for his admission in any class.
  9. The requirement for admission to the 1st year class is minimum “B” grade internally and “A” grade externally. The aggregate of the internal and external exams decides the merit and first 70 boys are offered admissions to both the groups (35 in each). However, there is no restriction on the selection of a group. Boys who are placed higher on the merit list can choose any one of these two groups. In case any seat falls vacant, the next boy on the merit list will be offered admission in a better group if he wishes.
  10. Since admission criterion is strictly adhered to merit, no other consideration is kept in view. It is further to be noted that no boy will be considered for admission to 1st year class if he has poor record of discipline and conduct. Discipline case will not be considered for admission in ist year class. Moreover the behaviour and dealing of the parents with School staff and Administration will be given utmost importance in this regard. 

Abbottabad Public School is located at an altitude of about 4500 feet. The verdant hills around makes it look like a piece of paradise. Climatically it is ideal for a residential educational institution. Winter is a bit harsh but otherwise the weather is pleasant and mild.This heavenly piece of land was initially chosen by Pakistan Railways in 1956 to establish a Model School which was named as “Pakistan Railway Public School, Abbottabad”. The then Central Minister for Pakistan Railways Khan Sardar Bahadur Khan was the founder of the School, and Mr. M.A. Rehman was the founder Principal.A commission on National Education, which was formulated in December 1958, presented its report in August 1959 stressing the importance of establishing residential schools throughout the country. The commission recommended immediate establishment of two such schools, one in West Pakistan and one in East Pakistan to serve the cause of NATIONAL INTEGRATION. Railway Public School could not function properly and had to be disbanded ultimately in 1959. The closure of the school put Khan Sardar Bahadur Khan and Mr. M.A. Rehman in deep anguish. They along with Mr. S.M. Sharif, the then Central Education Secretary, prevailed upon the President Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan, to re-start the School.In order to implement the recommendations of the Commission, the Ministry of Education established a residential Public School, the first of its kind in West Pakistan at Abbottabad. It was a real good effort to re-start the School under the auspices of the President calling for revival of the School but with different nomenclature as “Abbottabad Public School”. The School thus started functioning in April 1961 under the control and able guidance of the founder Principal, M.A. Rehman. With the passage of time, it attracted students from abroad like South Africa, Middle East and Far East. In the years to come, the School made tremendous progress and earned a great reputation, and was soon on a par with other sister institutions imparting quality education.The first Board of Governors was constituted in 1961 by the Central Government. In 1962/63, the Central Government transferred the Education to One Unit and therefore the administrative control of the Institution was transferred to autonomous BoG, constituted by the provincial Govt. (One-Unit i.e; West Pakistan). On the dismemberment of One Unit, the institution was transferred to the Government of N.W.F.P under Section 8(e) of the North West Frontier Province, Government Education and Training Institutions Ordinance 1971. In 1986, General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, the President of Pakistanre-named this institution as “Abbottabad Public School & College”. Later on, Board of Governors, in its meeting on July 20, 2002, decided to delete the words “and College” and revived its original name “Abbottabad Public School”. Abbottabad Public School has been contributing profusely towards the promotion of education. It has proved to be a good nursery for the Armed Forces, Civil Services and Professional Institutions. Students of APS are playing leading roles in other walks of national life as well. The name of Prime Minister Mr. Shaukat Aziz leads the rest. ||You are 271291 visitor